Best Home RemodelsWhether you’re looking to improve your Minneapolis, MN home with a renovation or maybe two – that’s just what Bannochie Builders can do! It’s true that a major benefit of remodeling your home is enjoying the newly updated, custom designed-by-you space daily but there’s even more benefits than just that… it will also add value and resale attraction to your home. But which projects are prime? Which ones will give you the most back in time? Let’s explore:

Home Areas of Interest

When potential buyers look at a home, there are two main focuses – the kitchen and the bathroom, which means these are the two most profitable interior remodels. Both areas are needed to be utilized daily and the perks they hold may just be a deciding factor to a buyer that has more than one home to choose from.

When choosing to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, make sure the renovations can easily outlive the ever-changing trends. This will help you in the long run, whether you stay in your home for ever or your move sooner than anticipated. Keeping the updates neutral enough will protect your investment from becoming outdated. Which can bring down the value, appeal and may make the desire for another remodel come earlier than you expected.

Product Selection

The materials and products you select will have a huge impact on what you get back. Going the cheapest route, by buying the most inexpensive everything will likely lead you to lose money. It’s important to research what you put in your home, the brands, specifications and reviews. Our expert builders will offer you suggestions but it’s your home, so it’s a good idea to do a little research yourself.

Installation Quality

You can go out, buy a 24 karat gold and diamond sink that will cost you a fortune, get the world’s most luxurious toilet but if it’s not installed right you’re going to ruin, not only the fixtures but also the integrity of your home. No one wants mold and unprofessional appliance installation, leads to leaks and will cause mold to grow. Mold will make for one risking home living environment and an extremely hard resale situations – lenders may not even allow a person to purchase a home with mold in it and there will need to be signs posted and release forms to sign. Of course, it will dramatically bring down the value of your home too.

City Codes

Are you aware you might need to get a plumbing permit if you’re changing the fixtures? It’s quite possible and in some Minneapolis cities it’s required. Are you aware that an electrical outlet is required feet away from any sinks? This too is a possibility, depending on your city and their specific code. Our professional remodeling experts are familiar with all the local code regulations, which helps speed up the process, so you won’t need multiple inspections. We also pull the permits for you, no need for you to go to the city, draw the diagram and describe the specifics, that you might not be fully aware of yourself.

What Happens if I Skip Pulling Permits?

You’ve got homeowners insurance, right? And thank God for that! But if you don’t pull the correct permits, your new renovation may be denied coverage. So, if it burns in a fire, gets ruined in a flood or someone steels your 24 karat gold and diamond sink – you’re not getting reimbursed. And if you try and sell your house with remodels completed, that are not up to code; there will be consequences, which will cost you:

  • First, it may deter the potential home buyer (usually does). And you may have to settle on putting it on the market for less than desired.
  • You may be fined and required to pull the permit – this means you’ll have to pass the inspection and that might require destruction of the remodeled area, to get to the electrical and plumbing.
  • If somehow you manage to skate by, you sold your house with everyone clueless of your un-permitted renovation but a couple years down the road you get a notice… It’s from a lawyer, you’re facing a lawsuit now because damages occurred and the public record of the home contained some discrepancies that weren’t found at the time of sale.
  • Worst of all, if the city finds out and is irritated enough, they can require a tear down of the entire area!

Bannochie Builders does it right, so you can get the best return on your investment, as well as enjoy it for longer. Contact us today for a FREE estimate at 763-574-5950!