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We all have a strive to have the most beautiful home we’ve always dreamed of. Home improvement projects can be expensive but in the long run, it is definitely worth it! Did you know that the #1 home improvement project is a bathroom remodel? This is because it’s the project that will be your best investment in the long run. Luckily for you our bathroom renovation experts, here at Bannochie Builders of Minneapolis, MN have years of experience remodeling bathrooms. We can discuss the ideas you have for your new space and even offer our expert advice that you may absolutely love.

10 Hottest Bathroom Trends

1. Escape to a Spa: Do you find that work is becoming more stressful? Or, perhaps you just find yourself being more stressed than normal. We can change your new master bath into a luxury spa that you can escape to after a long day’s work and push away all your worries.

2. Walk in Showers: This is an open layout and you can walk through it. Not to mention the multi shower heads that can be added. Or, the rain shower head that comes from the ceiling. Whichever you choose, we can make your new walk-in shower the most relaxing experience you’ve ever had.

3. Mosaic Life: Do you love crazy designs that stand out? Add mosaic tiling or pieces to your bathroom to give it your own personal touch.

4. Natural/Energy Sufficient: Add those skylights or solar panels for natural lighting! It’s more relaxing and much more cost efficient on your electric bills. Besides, most people are going natural and/or solar these days.

5. Wet Room: You can shut the door and feel like you’re in your own personal rain forest. Another trend with this is having “Living-Walls.” This is a growing trend that adds plant life to your bathroom.

6. Modern Wood Look: Add any style of wood and stain to the bathroom to add the perfect amount of style. Mix and match to give it a more custom look.

7. Rock Quarry: Adding pieces of marble and onyx to your new space can really make it look classy and give you that relaxing feeling.

8. Hotel Luxury: Have you ever seen those bathrooms on TV when the main character stays at a luxury hotel? You find yourself drooling and you want it bad! Well, you can have that luxury, too. The sky is the limit when it comes to Bannochie Builders and their bathroom renovation services.

9. Bold & Frameless: Having a frameless shower and mirrors in the bathroom give it that bold and modern look.

10. Urban Craze: This category is for those who love all different things who can make art with their neighbor’s “Junk”. Not saying we’re going to renovate your bathroom with old used materials, but we can make your new space into the room of your dreams. A room that nobody else in the world has.

Bathroom renovations can be the best thing you’ll do to your home. Have you ever found yourself in the bathroom getting ready for work or a special event and you need to shave your face or curl your hair, but the only free plug-in in the room doesn’t reach and now you’re irritated. Not only can you change the entire theme and style of the room but you can make it the way you want it and place things that make sense for you. Even adding storage cabinets or compartments the way you want them will make your life easier.

Another great feature that is rising in popularity in bathroom renovations is the type of floor you put in the bathroom. There is easy-care flooring and nonslip floors that can be added. Tired of stepping out of the shower or tub onto that moist feeling rug or perhaps you’re slipping and sliding trying to reach the towel you set on the counter? With nonslip floors, we can take away the fear of slipping and falling. This is a great feature for families who have small children in the home.

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By now, you’re probably excited and ready to start planning your new bathroom renovation and we don’t blame you. It can be the most exciting adventure you’ll do to your house. At Bannochie Builders we have licensed contractors that will be with you every step of the way and complete the job 110% the way you want it. We make the renovation fun and easy for you with no clean up!

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