Kitchen RemodelIs your Minnetonka home in need of a kitchen makeover? Maybe you just need a counter-top replacement or your whole kitchen has to be gutted and re-designed. Bannochie’s professional custom home builders are here for you! We offer quality craftsmanship in every home improvement project we complete. Let’s set up a time to create a kitchen design layout, customized by you and brought to life by our highly skilled and trained hands.

Kitchen Efficiency

The kitchen is a main gathering place for every home, a place to eat, laugh, cook and share stories. Bringing functionality and comfort can allow for less worry and more memories. Add an island to allow for face to face conversation, even when right in the middle of a large meal. By centralizing your cooking area you will ease multitasking and ensure your meal doesn’t end up burnt to a crisp. Our expert can also create built-in storage, hide that unattractive trash by having our builders create deep, slide out draws that conceal you waste and recycling. Ease organization with custom spice racks or specific shelving for your recipes. All our projects are tailored to create an efficient kitchen space for hosting and you daily requirements.

Kitchen Appearance

Because the kitchen is a primary space in your home, appearance is crucial to your overall flow. Our general contractors have seen many, of their own, finished kitchen remodels and are willing to lend some advice about material durability and compatibility. We know you will be happy when our custom work is completed and all your design, color and features leave you with the vision you have dreamed of.

It is important to balance dark with light, to not create a space too heavy or too bland. Be sure to communicate the feel you are looking to get out of your newly transformed kitchen. Our experts can point you to some finishing details that will really give your kitchen an extra oomph, with detailed crown molding, custom appliance covers and even custom architecture designs, if you so desire.

For a lasting, gorgeous impression call the expert kitchen re-modelers of Bannochie Builders, Inc. at 763-574-0131!