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Materials Are Key

Next to skill, materials are just as important. It doesn’t matter how well you install an appliance, if it’s cheep, easily cracked and only lasts a couple months it won’t do your home any good. Actually, just the opposite, it could extremely harm your existing household elements. Each and every aspect you choose to add when remodeling your kitchen should be researched. From major elements to minor details, it all makes a difference, one of the area of a kitchen that gets the most use is the cabinet countertops, lets hone in on choices, benefits as well as some disadvantages from some popular selections.

Tips for Choosing Countertop Materials For Your Kitchen:

Granite– This material is gorgeous, with many color and patterns to choose from. It’s durable and doesn’t easily damage from the occasional wear and tear, such as direct knife contact and the occasional water encounters. Granite is pretty heavy so your cabinets will need to be able to support the weight and the countertops will need to be maintained with seal, around every 6 months, depending on usage. Cleaning products allowed are limited, be careful because many products harm the surfaces integrity.

Solid Surface– This type of countertop is extremely popular for many reasons. It is maintenance-free, besides the occasional cleaning. A plastic type material makes up the surface and the color and pattern options are vast because it’s manufactured. It’s durable but it doesn’t withstand knife and heat contact as well as other options and any damages that occur will be noticeable. It often doesn’t have quite the natural presence of other non-manufactured materials, which can take away from the overall kitchen ambiance.

Marble– This showstopping material has a distinct elegance about it. Heat is not a problem for the decadent marble countertop surface which stays surprisingly cool under boiling temperature. However, this attracting choice doesn’t fair so well when it comes to contact of any other kind. Due to it’s light color it can very easily be stained, the countertop surface also chips, scratches and it needs to be maintained frequently.

Laminate– This choice of countertop is made from a blend of papers and particle board. Laminate is a common selection due to its affordable price, its ability to imitate natural stone, low maintenance and it’s easily cleaned. What you pay is what you get, laminate is more inclined to peel, scratch, burn, stain and blister. It will not hold up the same and as long as other higher priced, natural materials.

This is by no means the only selections you can choose from. The variety extends dramatically, from tile to concrete, composite, even butchers block is an option. Bannochie has the knowledge to help you decide the which countertop will be your home’s perfect solution and install your selected material, along with completing all the other aspects of your kitchen remodeling project.

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