Kitchen RemodelBannochie Builders has been a trusted remodeling contractor for the Maple Grove, MN area and surrounding Minnesota cities since 1995. If you are interested in a kitchen remodel, Bannochie will come to your home for a FREE consultation. Our construction and remodeling business is local and family owned, Gary (Bannochie) and his team of licensed and professional contractor are dedicated to providing you the best, in every way!

From flooring to countertops, sinks to lighting fixture, a kitchen hold a lot of essentials. These ‘essentials’ aren’t the ones you install and forget, no these features will be utilized daily; which is why a functional layout and quality is important for your Maple Grove MN kitchen. With the years of experience that Bannochie Builders has in the remodeling industry they can assist you in choosing a kitchen layout design that will meet your daily needs, for years to come. Whether your a growing family or single, with a love of hosting parties, we can guide you in a direction that will fit you best.

Basic Types of Kitchen Layouts

One Wall Kitchen– If there’s not an abundance of space a one-wall kitchen, also know as a single wall kitchen, is a great solution. The name pretty much explains itself; all appliances and cabinets are along one wall. A more modern twist to a one wall kitchen is to add an island or table close for extra prepping space, gathering room and any additional storage needs.

Galley Kitchen– This kitchen layout is great for smaller spaces as well. It’s just an expansion of another wall, from the single wall kitchen. A galley kitchen creates a walking path that is surrounded by usable kitchen countertops and appliances. This is a good kitchen for a home that has one cook, elbow room can be quite limited with the a more narrow, parallel design.

L Shaped Kitchen– This flexible kitchen design is best for small to medium size kitchens. The name of this design also describes itself, as the appliances and countertops are positioned in an L shape. If you choose this kitchen design and have a larger space, an island is the perfect element to add. This will allow you to entertain while preparing and cooking meals. If space permits a small table can be added, for those who host gatherings or have a lot of mouths to feed.

Horseshoe Kitchen– This horseshoe layout, also know and a U shaped kitchen layout, is great for multiple cooks in the kitchen, and larger kitchen spaces. The appliances and countertops are all positioned on three walls. This shape allows for elbow room and enables traffic to move through without disturbing the culinary creators. With an ample amount of space, it is possible to fit an island between the walls for extra function, storage and even seating.

Any of these layouts, with enough available space can benefit from an island addition or even a peninsula (basically an island that stems from a wall). If you’ve got the need for a kitchen remodel, we’ve got the expertise and multiple ideas to get your creative ideas flowing. If you can dream it, we can build it. Whether the convenience of two sinks is what you desire or a warming rack, whatever your requests, we can make it happen (within city code, of course).

Professional Home Remodelers

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