Kitchen RemodelThe kitchen is more than just a room filled with cabinets and cooking appliances, it is the heart of the home. In fact, most homeowners say that they spend most of their time in the kitchen doing other activities other than cooking. The kitchen is the perfect place to get friends together for cocktails, have your kid’s soccer team over for pizza, or to relax and drink coffee while reading your favorite book.

Even though the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, it is often times forgotten about and left in the dust when it comes to home renovations or makeovers. Don’t forget about your kitchen! If you are ready to revamp the look and add that functional flow to your Wayzata, MN kitchen, take a peek at our list of tips we created below to create the perfect kitchen space.

Kitchen Interior Design

From modern, contemporary, traditional or Tuscan, the sky is the limit for new cabinet, countertop, and appliance customization. Our professionals at Bannochie Builders can help you pick your favorite custom kitchen design and style.

Add an Island

Improve the function of your kitchen with an island. Spacious islands can offer more room in your kitchen for a workspace and also works double duty as a dining table or a gathering area for drinks and appetizers.

Upgrade your Appliances

Nothing out-dates a kitchen more than old appliances, caked with grease that you’ve been trying to scrape off for decades. Upgrading your kitchen appliances not only adds appeal, but it also offers energy-efficiency which can help save you money. Our professionals can help you choose the right energy-efficient appliances and with the installation process.

Update your Hardware

Personalize your kitchen further by adding custom hardware for your cabinets. Bannochie Builders offers a variety of knobs and pulls of all shapes and colors to choose from.

Don’t Forget About your Ceilings

Everyone is so focused on eye-level projects that they forget about their ceilings. Adding simple textures and a pop of color to the ceiling can really spice up your kitchen.

Leave it to the Kitchen Experts at Bannochie Builders!

When it comes to Kitchen Remodeling, our experts at Bannochie Builders, Inc. offer efficient and professional remodeling services at competitive prices. If you have any questions about your kitchen remodeling project, call our office today at 763-574-0131!