Kitchen RemodelA great way to improve your home is by renovating your kitchen. Don’t surround yourself with the clutter of a poor functioning kitchen, instead take this opportunity to make your life a little easier. Bannochie Builders offers Maple Grove, MN and the surrounding areas with a multitude of home improvement services. Our team has the skills to create a kitchen that will meet all your daily and even event hosting needs. From custom cabinet designs to a creative island addition, the endless possibilities of your kitchen desires can be brought to life.

Kitchen Layout

Remodeling a kitchen can create a new flow throughout your home, our expert team can help you customize a design layout, prior to any physical changes. With a pre-mapped kitchen layout, we can ensure you have enough elbow room, without eating into the other areas of your home. Maybe you have a chef-in-training or cooking is a hobby your whole family enjoys, regardless of what you are looking for, once you communicate your kitchen remodeling expectations to our professional kitchen remodeling experts you won’t be let down.

Kitchen Style

When exploring the style of your new kitchen, first look at the broader picture, such as what color themes you would like for the area as a whole, if your are leaning towards dark or light wood, maybe you want stainless steel or the area to be a crisp white, make sure to keep appliances in mind. Would you like the area to give off a modern, classic or cottage vibe? From there you can get more specific, because different materials have varieties or restrictions. Our kitchen remodeling experts have the knowledge to ensure any materials you choose will live up to your needs.

Sometimes the look you are interested in is hard to get across. We understand you don’t know every cabinet, countertop, flooring and even ceiling materials specifically, that’s why we recommend doing a little exploring. If you find photos of a kitchen or multiple kitchens with specific qualities you would like to bring into your home, let us know. You can pick and choose from multiple photos or we can work together and create a custom design for your exact kitchen space.

Some Main Points to Focus On When Remodeling a Kitchen:

  • Cabinetry

  • Countertop

  • Appliances

  • Sink and Faucet

  • Flooring

  • Lighting

Kitchen Storage Needs

After you have picked out the general layout, feel and look of your new kitchen it is time to get more intricate. Maximize your kitchens storage capabilities with the help from Bannochie Builders, we can design cabinets for each specific need; whether you need deep drawers for large pots and pans, a built-in spice rack or roll out pantry shelves. The little aspects of your kitchen will add up and make a huge difference.

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