Bathroom RemodelIf you’re in search of a remodeling contractor that can create a dream bathroom escape for your Coon Rapids, MN home; look no further! Bannochie Builders is a dedicated construction and remodeling team that has been serving Minnesota homeowners since 1995. This local and professional remodeling crew has successfully completed home improvement projects that add tremendous value. Whether you are looking for a whole home renovation, a level in your home to be remodeled or a single room, Bannochie Builders has what it takes, take a look at some of our past projects.

Reasons For Bathroom Renovations

A homes bathroom is in constant use, from showers and getting ready for the day, to when nature calls. Chances are, there’s more than just you in your home and you may possible be growing in number. Household growth is a great reason to renovate your Coon Rapids bathroom. Whether you need more storage space, elbow room or your bathroom needs a makeover, Bannochie Builders can help. Our licensed general contractors know how to deliver what you expect and they’ll exceed your expectations in every way.

Important Aspects of Your Bathroom

When deciding on completing your bathroom remodeling project there are many important attributes to keep in mind. It is extremely important to choose a contractor that has experience, specifically in bathroom remodeling; plumbing and electrical are nothing to leave to an amateur, even installing tile incorrectly will be a big headache, not to mention fixture installation. If not done properly, a poorly installed toilet, bath, shower or sink can ruin your bathroom and the damage can seep down into other parts of your home. Leaving you with a mess to clean up and more workers to pay, especially if your homes structure is compromised because of it.

Make Your Bathroom Remodel Legal

It’s also important to require that your contractor pull necessary permits. Legitimate, professional contractors do, others that are trying to scam you won’t. It’s never a good idea to forgo any necessary permits. The permit holds the company responsible for adequate work, that’s done safely and is inspected by a 3rd party, who’s only interest is that their city stay safe.

Each city has their own specific code requirements but you can typically expect to pull a plumbing and electrical permit when in the process of a bathroom remodeling project. If you ever try to sell your home and didn’t pull a permit for necessary upgrades you’ve completed you could get fined, be required to pull a permit (requiring some tear down and more money) and if neither of these happen but the new owners find faults in your work, or get confronted on it, they can come back and demand money, legally.

If a builder came to your home and told you that your bathroom remodeling project will not require any permits, be weary, look for another professional, free estimate and maybe even call the city to verify. If they state there are permits needed, don’t use that guy for your project. Cities have individual requirement but they don’t differ too much, any (claiming to be) contractor should be familiar and if not, that’s a big red flag!

Professional Remodeling Experts

The team at Bannochie Builders always pulls the necessary permits for you, it’s part of every home remodeling project. We are familiar with the city of Coon Rapids, MN codes and the surrounding cities as well. Our years of experience makes pulling permits,  walking and talking to inspectors effortless. Contact us today at 763-574-0131 your new home improvement awaits!