Home Remodel MNAre tired of your home? Have you been catching yourself looking at new property listings but you know, deep down, you will never move…. Stop teasing yourself and do something about it. Get your home remodeled, with the help from Bannochie Builders! We are a Minnesota licensed construction and remodeling company that enjoys helping you complete the dreams and visions you have for your home, affordably and with the highest quality. If you own a home in the Minneapolis, MN area and you’re wanting to re-purpose, update or customize – contact our home renovation experts.

Remodeling Results you Can’t get Enough of!

Bannochie has excellent referrals from past, present and continuing clients. Because we offer affordable, expert home remodeling services – a one room remodel may lead to a whole level remodel, if your budget allows for it. Investing in quality construction is never a waste of money. Unlike purchasing material products, our service don’t wear out, they actually can raise your property value, lower energy usage and bills and provide daily joy that lasts for years!

An Investment your Whole Family can Enjoy

Whether you’re family comes to visit mostly on holidays or you’ve got a full house, everyone can enjoy the benefits of your newly remodeled home, including you. We are constantly remodeling homes, rooms and properties and can give you some insight as to what is trending and can help maximize the function you desire most for your space. Whether it’s added space, storage, comfort, efficiency, an open layout or any other desires – you name it and we can cater to it!

A Highly Recommended Minnesota Remodeling Company

Watch our testimonials and see just how happy our past clients are with their finished home remodeling results. That could easily and affordably be you! Are you the next happy homeowner who gets your own testimonial on our website?! If you think so, contact Bannochie Builders Inc. at (952) 220-5950 for a FREE consultation today!