Optimize Your Busy Schedule

Bannochie BuildersA frigid week like this can make Minneapolis, MN residents long for a Home Office Remodel that creates a fully functional work space at home. Many employers allow you to work from home to optimize your busy schedule and avoid lengthy commute times. Talented home renovation experts at Bannochie Builders, Inc. can help you to create a very functional space that suits the needs of your family. You can impress clients, manage household finances and increase your productivity with a functional yet comfortable home office renovation.

Create A Very Functional Workspace

Bannochie Builders, Inc. can help you to create a very functional work space in your Minneapolis home. As a Licensed Minnesota Contractor with many years of experience, we can build a home office room addition or repurpose an existing space. You tell us what you are hoping to accomplish with a home office area and we will help you to make it work beautifully.

  • New home office room addition may be the perfect way to impress clients and increase your productivity at home
  • Repurpose and unused bedroom by adding a desk, built-in cabinets, bookcases, flooring and lighting
  • Create a designated workspace within the living room or family room where you can work comfortably in your own home
  • Transform an unfinished basement into a Comfortable Home Office with lighting, functional furnishings, soundproofing, waterproofing and proper insulation
  • An Underutilized Garage or Attic Space can be turned into a wonderful home office with help from skilled home renovation experts

Suit The Needs Of Your Family

A home office must suit the needs of your family. The space can be used for working from home, managing household finances, doing homework or being a full time student. Bannochie Builders, Inc. customizes home offices that are designed to optimize your busy lifestyle and add comfort and functionality.

Home Renovation Experts

Bannochie Builders, Inc. are Home Renovation Experts that can help you to create the perfect home office space for your Minneapolis, MN home. We are Licensed Minnesota Contractors that have the skills, vision and experience to create a very functional home office space that suits the needs of your family perfectly. An underutilized space or unfinished basement can be transformed into a comfortable home office space.

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