Bannochie Complete Home RemodelA Minneapolis, MN home is a long-term investment and usually one of the biggest a person has in their lifetime. So, it’s important to only trust the best and most reliable remodeling company to complete any renovations, repairs or upgrades. The integrity of your home is what keeps your family and you safe and here at Bannochie Builders we are focused on the completing home remodeling projects the right way and to our clients’ exact specifications.

If you own a home, chances are you’re looking to grow in it, share memories in it and gather your loved ones for years to come. But homes, as stable as they are, cannot shift with your growing family’s needs, new hobbies or plans for the future. But our licensed and highly trained remodeling experts can transform any area of your home, so there is no need to worry about a stressful move or to go through the process of listing you home on the market. We can reinvent a room, or even an entire home.

Interior Home Remodeling MN

The most popular interior home remodeling projects end up being the kitchen and the bathroom…which is not a surprise because everyone loves to eat and no one wants to look bad doing it. Also renovating the areas in your home that use plumbing, gas and electric (when completed correctly) can save you money monthly and prevent any spendy damages from happening, due to leaky or old pipes.

Remodeling Services That Lower Monthly Bills

A popular home improvement project that will pay for itself in time is window and door replacement, this upgrade teeters on the lines of both interior and exterior work, as both sides benefit. Bannochie offers professional installation of both doors and windows, to help keep your energy usage down, your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, your utility bill less and improve the appearance of your entire home. Nothing says ‘outdated’ like a foggy, chipped and hard to use windows, they can also be a health hazard. One call to our professional window and door replacement professionals and you’ll be able to actually see through the glass. Great for you, not so great for birds…if you get my drift.

Exterior Home Remodeling MN

From roofing repairs and installations to asphalt and concrete repairs and everything in between Bannochie is a trusted expert and can help you with any and every exterior repair and installation your home needs. We can add an entirely new room addition or whatever else you desire. We work with only quality materials and install all of our upgrades correctly and better then requested from the manufacturer.

Best Remodeling in Minnesota

We can transform your home to fit your needs for years to come and then some. Give us a call and in no time you’ll love your home and all it has to offer you after our expert remodelers are through! Call us at 763-574-0131 or email us at today.