Basement RemodelBannochie Builders is an expert home construction and remodeling company. We have completed many basement remodeling, finishing and re-purposing projects in our day and would like to go over some major aspects when you decide to finish or work on your Maple Grove, MN basement. These are tips is you try to go-it alone, just know we are only one call away and can pick up where you left off on your home improvement project.


Whether you have minimal plumbing or extensive plumbing, putting it in now will save you the hassle of working around the framing, cutting sheetrock and ensuring the venting or draining does not disrupt any plans. If it does, doing it now will allow you to more easily change your plans. You will also need to install your shower base, if you plan on one. Your local inspector will want you to have him back, before you frame it in or at the very least take pictures of it. Also, it is always a good idea to label all your plumbing in your utility room, in case any issues were to occur.


Now you can start framing, if you hadn’t already, may not seem important because you won’t see the studs when your basement is finished but not framing correctly can make your expenses and labor rise dramatically. When framing, make sure the hallway is wide enough for code. It is also important that the closet sizes are standard or you will be spending an arm and a leg for proper closet doors. And make sure you adjust your doorway and all other measurements to account for flooring, or else you will be plaining each and every door (which is a major hassle).


Now is the time to secure your light switches, pass your wires through for the lights, fans, outlets and get any other rough electrical all completed. After all the plumbing, framing and electrical is finished to your liking, usually the inspector will come out and give you the go ahead to sheetrock, after you’ve insulated the foundation walls. And for added noise control, we strongly recommend soundproofing, there are many ways to go about this and it may be an added hassle but the results are well worth it!


This is a multiple step process. For best results use the largest sheetrock pieces for your area, less seams equals less flaws. This requires precise measurements, patience, a certain finesse and muscles – to haul the large sheetrock sections in. This is the best time to paint the walls, prior to installing your new flooring.

By now your local hardware stores know you by name, you’ve cleaned your basement multiple times, due to the shavings from cutting your studs and the extremely messy sheetrock. And on top of that you’re probably collecting a pile of scraps, large enough to cause issues by taking up needed space. You may want to consider renting a dumpster, you may need it for longer that you thought…

If you think you’re in over your head at any time, contact Bannochie Builders and you won’t have to worry about any of this. Our number is (763)574-0131!