Bathroom RemodelHave you decided to renovate your Blaine, MN bathroom? Your materials are selected, paid for and maybe even at your home. Your fixtures are heavy but you muscled through and managed to get them home too but you’ve got so much more to do. Is that bathroom remodeling project you decided to take on leaving you steadily sinking? Has your projects time-line extended? If it feels like every time you gasp for air you divulge another project aspect you haven’t yet accounted for, Bannochie Builders, Inc. can help!

Hand over your weight to us, we have experience which allows us to view the project, as a whole, efficiently and precisely. An average homeowner, even one that considers them self a handyman rarely is prepared for a full-on, entire bathroom renovation. This field is our passion, we have completed countless bathroom remodeling projects, while also giving each of them our full dedication to superior results.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Blaine MN

Our professional remodeling contractors can communicate with you and develop realistic approaches that will provide you with all the luxury you desire. We are well versed on building codes, electrical requirements, pluming regulations and other essential aspects that are needed to pass your final walk thru. We preform home improvement projects on a daily bases, work with cities regularly and understand the reasons for their requests.

Efficiency is a Must in the Bathroom

We can install what you have already purchased or make suggestions to add to your purchase. The efficiency of your bathroom is important. The way to bring the best efficiency is to make sure your toilet, sinks, showers and bathtubs are quality. You don’t want a leaky sink in just a few months because you just bought what was on sale. It’s also important that your shower head that can give you great pressure, without increasing the cost of your water usage. If a toilet’s flush can’t handle your home, what’s the use! No one wants to spend extra time, after the completed project because the fixture are way less than efficient and need to be replaced.

At Bannochie, we can direct you to the best fixtures for your money. Do you know what GPF stands for? How about LPF? What kind of flush power does your bathroom need? All of these questions are important when choosing a toilet. For your bathroom sink, do you know the best mount type for your bathroom’s layout? What materials last the longest and are easiest to clean? If buying the faucet sperate, do you know the needed hole spacing? These are questions that regular homeowners don’t think of because they don’t need to, on a daily basis. All of these answers are second nature to our expert remodeling crew. They can direct you to quality, in every aspect, that will last for years to come.

Affordable and Professional Remodeling Services Blaine MN

Add luxury to your daily life, with the affordable help from Bannochie! We can start your bathroom remodeling project from scratch or take over the steadying sinking DIY project your ready to give up on. Or home improvement services are sure to add value to your home and allow you to enjoy your bathroom, not resent it. Give Bannochie Builders a call today for a worry-free remodeling project at 763-574-0131 or email us at