Bathroom RemodelYou dream about a bathroom that’s high on comfort and personal style, but you also want materials, fixtures, and amenities with lasting value. Who doesn’t? With Bannochie Builders, you can have both. Yes, I said both. We build dreams into reality, not just completing a project. Bathroom remodeling can be a headache once you start to dig into it. First maybe you’re thinking you’ll just give it a face lift, but problem after problem arises, causing you to question your decision of remodeling at all. Pricing starts to become a factor and you’re thinking of giving up all together. With Bannochie Builders, they can help you ease that headache with a simple consultation, stay within your budget, and give you a private relaxing escape you’ve always wanted.

5 Signs You’re Ready to Remodel:

  1. The little things start to go wrong.
    Let’s face it, you spend roughly about 30-40 minutes in your bathroom a day. That’s a lot! Every day wear and tear can start to deteriorate at the surface, which is what people see first thing as they step into your bathroom. Tile’s start to come up, leaving unwanted grout crumbling. Paint starts to peel from the ceiling or walls from moisture. The countertop that has been there since you moved in is fading or chipping. Just a few reasons to think about remodeling your bathroom.
  2. You’re Stuck in a Retro Rut.
    If you’re bathroom seems like you stepped into a time machine, it’s time. It’s true that some styles come back into the “now”, but gold flaked sinks and yellow bath tubs aren’t coming back, I guarantee it.
  3. Looking to Sell Your Home.
    You ask, “Why would I remodel a bathroom I’ll never get to use?” The answer is simple. Not only will it increase the value on your home, but buyers are more apt to consider a home with updated bathrooms and/or kitchens.
  4. Your Family is Growing.
    Whether you’re running out of room or you’re kids are growing up and want their “own space,” remodeling your bathroom will be more functional for the whole family.
  5. The Bathroom Isn’t You.
    Your everyday surroundings are crucial to how your day functions. Imagine waking up every morning to your new dream bathroom. Getting ready for the day takes on a whole new meaning. Having a beautiful dream bathroom you’ve always wanted will surely reflect how you present yourself after leaving the room.

Budgeting Your New Bathroom

On a budget? No problem! You can create your dream bathroom without breaking the bank. Bannochie Builders Inc. has many styles and plans to choose from to stay within your budget. You may be thinking about financial and emotional stress, but with good planning, and help from qualified professionals, however, it can be a rewarding undertaking for any homeowner. Having a plan or layout design of your new space is the first step. Next, you’ll need to consult
a professional, that’s where Bannochie Builders come in. They have trained professionals to help you take your design and make it a reality, all within your budget. From the first design to the finished result, Bannochie Builders will be there along the way.

Permits & Getting Started

Permits can be confusing and exasperating but with Bannochie Builders, those stacks of confusing and exasperating papers can be taken care of and completed by our trained professionals, lifting a weight off your shoulders. With our expert remodeling team, we will – in a sense – hold your hand along the way.

Bannochie Builders makes bathroom renovation easy and you’ll be happy with the results. If you’re a hands-on, Jack-of-all-trades, kind of guy, that’s fine. Bannochie will let you put your touches in your dream bathroom. If you’re not comfortable with that, then sit back, enjoy a cold refreshment and let Bannochie transform your bathroom into a diamond in the ruff.

We are licensed contractors with reliable work. Not only do we stand by a job well done, we have testimonials to back it up. If you’re still wanting to transform your bathroom from mediocre to that diamond in the ruff, call us at (763) 574-0131 Bannochie Brothers and let the expert remodeling team, carve away.