Get a Completely New Bathroom

Bathroom RemodelIs your Maple Grove, MN home due for a bathroom remodeling project? Whether every bathroom in your home needs to be modernized, just the master, spare or half-bath; Bannochie Builders is your best solution. We can install, update and completely transform your bathroom into a place you can’t get enough of! All at an affordable price.

The last thing anyone needs is more stress. Trying to complete your own remodeling project might be a lot more of a task than you imagined. With measuring the bathroom size, creating a layout, choosing color theme, pulling permits, it can get quite exhausting… we have yet to mention purchasing fixtures, cabinets, countertops, flooring; then you’ll need to install everything, clean and properly dispose of the excess remains. Just reading this probably makes your head spin…

Stress-Free Bathroom Remodeling

When hiring Bannochie, you get to choose how hands-on or off you are in the process. If you want, we will handle it all. From permits to layout and we will even clean up and dispose of the left over materials, properly. You’ll deal with minimal disruption and mess because our workers are on-time and clean up after each day wraps-up. Bannochie Builders has successfully completed so many home remodeling projects, our system has been perfected for years and our efficiency is hard to come by. Don’t worry about a thing with you’ve got the professional and licensed contractors of Bannochie on the job!

Budget-Friendly Remodeling Services

No one purchases a home to loose money, it’s all about the gain. Gain in credit, property value, personal assets, independence, privacy, stability; the list can go on and on but you get it the picture, home ownership has its many rewards. Our services will assist you in adding value to your home, benefiting you. Our efficient home renovation process allow us to be able to provide competitive remodeling prices, while still keeping our high standards of quality.

Professional Remodeling Contractors Maple Grove MN

Whether you’re looking for a spa-like retreat, more function, space, added efficiency, or just a more up-to-date bathroom all around, our licensed remodeling experts can give you results that will astound you! From the overall theme to each and every intricate detail, our bathroom remodeling contractors will work with you to create your own, personal getaway.

Add luxury to your everyday life with the help of Bannochie Builders, call us today at 763-574-0131 and experience the easy of a bathroom remodel like never before!