Bathroom RemodelRegardless of what you call it, bathroom remodel, powder room upgrade, washroom renovation the fact of the matter is improving your Shoreveiw, MN home’s facilities will pay off! Don’t choose to live with your outdated, permanently stained and anything but a restful restroom. Creating a peaceful place you can enjoy daily is an extremely tangible option with the help of Bannochie Builders, Inc. on your side.

Great Home Investment

There is no doubt that a bathroom makeover is a great investment, one that will allow the growth of your homes value. Depending on the work, fixtures, appliances and quality of your project, as much as 50% -90% of your expenses will be recover in the additional resale value of your home. That being said, who you entrust to work on your home is a major factor. If shoddy and inaccurate work is completed your looking at a lower end return rate but if you depend on highly experienced and licensed professionals, like the Bannochie Builders team, you will see a higher end return rate.

Money is always a factor in daily life, another major factor is mood. Mood changes can impact our life in many ways and can drastically affect our attitude. For example, a rainy, gray and gloomy day can leave us tired and out of sorts; a sunny day usually leaves us feeling energized and full of potential.

The same can be said about your bathroom, chances are you use your bathroom daily (one would hope) for a morning shower, brushing your teeth and other ways of getting ready for the day; you probably use it again throughout your day for a multitude of other reasons. Because a bathroom is one of the most commonly used areas of a home it influences the way we feel. Our bathroom remodeling experts can help you create a rejuvenating bathroom area that will leave you finding excuses to use.

Complete Your Remodeling The Right Way

Our experts have work on numerous home improvement projects in the Minnesota area; which is why we are extremely familiar with building codes, from an electrical standpoint down to fixture position. We believe in a purely professional finish that consists of the proper pulling of permits, walk thru inspections and we’ll even be present for the final inspection.

If you opt-out of the process of pulling permits you could face multiple hardships and that increase in ‘resale value’ previously mention is null and void. If a homeowner finishes a bathroom or any remodeling project in their home, without correctly pulling permits, they can face fines, required tear downs and the process will lower the value of your home, due to the new homeowner needing to fix the potentially hazardous and damaging work that has been completed. A self remodeled project, with no permits, is a major red flag for potential buyers.

Remodeling Experience Matters

Hiring a company with less experience means the chances of passing the required inspections drops and a failed inspection means an extended project time-frame, possible permit extension, (many times) the work that was just completed has to be removed or torn down, in some way and all of this means more labor and material… can you say cha-ching?! What some homeowners think is a great deal can turn into a massive migraine and fast. Our remodeling team understands the importance of passing inspections the first time, we will keep your bathroom project on time and in budget, our completed project will astound you and exceed all of your expectations.

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