bathroomIf you’re in Eden Prairie, MN and looking for a bathroom remodeling contractor, you have come to the right place! Bannochie Builders takes pride in our work and knows how to create a new and completely unique bathroom reality in your home. Whether you’re looking to add a bathroom, update a half-bath, create a private escape in your master bathroom or all of the above, we offer superior home remodeling services at affordable prices.

When renovating a bathroom your adding value, which is important but you also need to be thinking down the road. Are you going to be having more children living with you? How will your bathroom needs change in the next five to ten years? Are you possibly going to be selling your home? Because Bannochie builds bathrooms to last, you will need to think down the road.

Below are some gathered tips to help with your years-to-come. Whether kids grow, multiply or your would like to pack up and leave, these are bathroom choices that help aid your homes resale value and will keep you satisfied and rejuvenated for a long while.

Double Sinks

“I wish I hadn’t got that extra sink installed”said no one, ever! Whether its brushing teeth, doing makeup, hair or any other casual bathroom activity, two sinks are sooo much better than one. This allows combined, functional access to the bathroom for busy, daily life. A double sink brings a bathroom more personal space; having your own sink will permit you to keep your products and accessories out of the others way and vice versa. Don’t fight over the faucet, get dueling sinks, it’s a win win. And it’s great for resale!

Luxurious Shower

Now days, daily showering is accepted and suggested. Don’t skimp on your cleanliness or your shower experience. If you’ve got the room, expand your shower make it an experience in itself, with multiple shower heads, seating, built-in shelving. You might just be the best smelling person around, no issues there.


Instead of jumping our of your new luxurious shower to feel a chill in the air and on your feet, get comforted by a warm light from up above or heated tile down below. These features don’t take up any space and will ease the transition from your steamy shower. Goosebumps ruin a shave faster than anything, you’ll never have to worry about a wasted shave with underground heat and above warmth.


Once it’s time to get back to reality, it’s important that you have great ventilation in your bathroom. Moisture can cause mildew and mold to form and grow. Don’t allow your personal retreat to develop a costly scent, make sure you’re working with a licensed contractor that knows the importance of a great bathroom ventilation system.

Bannochie Builders can do it all! From plumbing to tile installation to ventilation we are experienced and know what matters. Your luxury is just a call away. Contact us for a free estimate on your bathroom remodeling project today at 763-574-0131!